Frequently Asked Questions about Sat Navs

Also see our quick start guide here, this should be all you need to get going with your new sat nav.

Q: How do I enter a post code?

A: When you go to enter an address select Town and you can enter a post code there, just make sure to put a space in it.

Q: How do I enter a longitude and latitude?

A: Press Find on the main screen then select “more” at the bottom of the screen and the Coordinate option.

Q: How do I view the campsites near to my location or destination?

A: Press Find on the main screen then “Find Places” then “Custom Search”. You can then choose from “In a Town”, “Along Route”, “Around Last Known Position” or “Around Destination”, once you have selected one of those you can then scroll through the list to select the type of site you are looking for or use the button at the bottom right to find by name.

Q: How do I enter my vehicle dimensions?

A: From the main screen select “More…” then “Settings”, scroll down and select “Route Settings”. The Vehicle field at the top will tell you which type of vehicle it is currently set to use, eg. Car, Car and Caravan, Motorhome, selecting this will show you the list of vehicles you can choose from. To change the settings for any of the vehicles select the tools icon (spanner and screwdriver) next to the relevant entry, you can then enter your vehicle dimensions, weight, number of axles and whether you are towing.

Q: How do I change the units used?

A: From the main screen select “More…” then “Settings”, scroll down and select “Regional” then “Units and Formats”.  Distance can be set to “Miles/feet”, “Miles/yards” or “Kilometres/metres”.
Under Fuel Economy you can choose from MPG(UK), MPG(US), l/100km, km/l

Q: How do I turn off the speed camera warnings?

A: From the main screen select “More…” then “Settings”, “Sound and Warnings” and scroll down to “Alert Point Settings”. Here you can disable all warnings or select “Alert Types” to set each type to audible and visual warning, visual only or disabled.

Q: How do I get updates?

A: For sat navs purchased from 1st January 2014 onwards updates are free if you have registered using the form in the box and we will email you when updates are available. For all other units give us a call on 01928 759239 to order an map update, this includes the latest maps, campsites, points of interest. To make things easy we will send you a new MicroSD card to slot into the side of your navigator, the cost is currently £60.

Q: How often do I have to update?

A: We are constantly making updates so you can update whenever you like but every 6 to 12 months is a good period.

Q: How do I play music files on my portable sat nav?

A: Copy your MP3 files to the SD card using your computer we suggest creating a new folder on the SD card called music or similar and put all your files in there to keep things tidy and make updating easier.

The MP3 player can be found in the navigation application under “More…” and “Music Player” and it will automatically scan for any files in all folders the first time you use it and then show the first track ready to play. You can see a list of all the tracks by selecting the Playlist button at the bottom right and then “All Tracks”, “Artists” and “Albums”. If there are new tracks it will scan and add them.
By pressing More then Settings you turn Repeat and Shuffle functions on or off.

Q: When I put the size of my vehicle in it shows it 1 foot less than I entered when returning to the vehicle profile.

A: You’ve found a bug! This is due to an error in the current version of the software that will be fixed in a later update, it only affects heights or widths over 7 feet or lengths over 22 foot. For now you can work round this by entering the size as 1 foot more than it should be. When you return to the vehicle profile it will then show the correct value. As long as you see the correct value in the vehicle profile then all is good.

Q: Can I add extra Points Of Interest of my own?

A: Yes. The files need to be in .kml format and you need to copy them to the MicroSD card in the  “CONTENT\userdata\poi” folder.

Q: How do I find a place?
See step by step guide here.

Q: How do I create a route?
See step by step guide here.