Frequently Asked Questions about Satellite TV Kits

Q: Can I get a copy of the user manuals and quick set up guide?

A: Yes, they are all available here.

Q: How do I find the correct elevation angle for my location?

A: See our guide here for a map and list of common locations, or if you have an iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone or tablet you can use one of the apps such as “Satfinder” to use the GPS receiver to pinpoint your location and tell you the correct elevation. On a computer visit and enter your location. For UK free to air satellite you want to select the “28.2 E Astra 1N” (or “28.2 E Astra 2D”) option.

Q: I’m not getting all the channels that should be available.

A: You might need to do a channel update scan to get the latest list of channels and channel numbers from the satellite, see our guide on doing that here.

Q: The red LED on my EasyFind LNB is not on.

A: Press the “Info” button on the remote control so you can see the signal strength screen, the LNB LED should now be lit.

 Q: I’m not getting all the channels

A: Make sure you have set the box to the “Easy Find Digital” option and not just Astra 28*E:

1. Press Menu
2. Move down to select the second icon on the left (the one with a picture of a TV)
3. Press OK
4. On the right hand side select “TV Channel List”
5. Use the left/right arrows to change it so the header at the top of the list says “Easy Find Digital” and make sure the selection in the list says Astra 28*E
6. Press OK.

  Q: How do I fit the dish bracket to the tripod?

A: The picture here should help.

 Q: How do I fit the F connectors to the coax cable?

A: There is a good explanation video here.