Frequently Asked Questions about the Dash Cam 8000

Q: How do I change the language?
A: To change language on dash cam:
1. Press the menu button twice.
2. Use the down arrow to move to the icon showing the letters ABC in a speech bubble and press REC
3. Use the up/down arrows to scroll through the list to select English (or desired language) then press REC.
4. Press menu to return to the main screen.

Q: I’m getting a card full message.
A: First of all make sure the camera is not recording (red circle next to the camera icon is not flashing) then do the following:
  1. Press the menu button twice to go into the general settings menu.
  2. Use the down button to scroll down and highlight “Format” and then press the REC button
  3. It will show “SD Card”, press REC again
  4. When asked if you want to confirm that you want to wipe the card, select yes and press REC.
Once the card has been formatted press Menu to return to the camera view, make sure you are in video mode (video camera icon showing in top left) – press the Mode button to change it if not.

If it has started recording again (red circle flashing next to the camera icon) press REC to stop it then do the following:

  1. Press the Menu button to bring up the video settings menu
  2. Use the down button to scroll down to select “Loop recording” and press REC.
  3. Use the down button again to select “3 Minutes” and press REC.
  4. Press Menu to return to the camera view and it should start recording automatically again.

The camera is now configured to start recording over the oldest recordings once the card is full.


Q: How do I view the files on my computer?
A: Make sure the camera is not recording and connect it to your computer using the supplied USB cable. You should get a menu on the camera screen showing:

Mass Storage
PC Camera

(You may only see Mass Storage and Video depending on your computer)

Make sure Mass Storage is highlighted (it should be by default) and then press the REC button. It will change to show a black screen with “Mass Storage” in the middle in white text and the computer will detect it as a USB device. As far as the computer (PC, Mac etc, it doesn’t matter) is concerned it is just a USB storage device (like a USB hard drive or memory stick/thumb drive) so you can just browse the files as normal. The files should play back in the default media player app on most operating systems but we recommend using VLC if you have problems.