HD12 Newline Database update via USB

This explains the procedure for updating the channel listing for Astra 28.2E using a USB stick.

  1. Download this file and copy it to a USB stick
  2. Insert the USB stick in the back of the receiver
  3. Press Menu
  4. Use the right arrow to go to installation
  5. Use the down arrow to go to DB Management then press OK
  6. Make sure “Load from USB” is selected and then press OK
  7. You will see a window showing the database file you downloaded, press OK
  8. You will get a message saying please wait and then one to say the database has been loaded successully
  9. Now press Exit several times to return to the main screen
  10. Press OK then GOTO and check that 028.2E ASTRA 2A 2B 2D is selected