Rangemaster IP Address Clash

By default the Rangemaster uses IP addresses in the 192.168.2.x range, if you connect to a network that is also using this range you will find you can connect but no pages will load.

To check if you have this problem look at the top left section of the Status page on the Rangemaster, if it shows the WAN IP Address as starting with 192.168.2.  then you will need to make the changes below.

Changing the Rangemaster default IP address range

To get round this you need to change the Rangemaster to use a different IP address range, eg. 192.168.3.x

Click on the Advanced tab and then LAN, look under the “LAN Setup” section and change the IP address there from to then click Apply to save the settings.

Let it restart and then try the setup again but note that from now on you will need to use to access the Rangemaster web interface instead of

If you can’t access you might need to turn the WiFi on your device (phone, computer etc) off and back on to force it to get an IP address in the new range.