Basic instructions for Navigator with built in camera/recorder

Switch on the unit and the Navigation will start automatically.

Once Navi has opened, press the button on the top left of the unit next to the power button, this will allow you to check the position of the camera.

You will note that this is already recording see the RED number on the bottom left of the screen.

Press the power button briefly and this will allow you to return to Navigation.

The unit will now record in 3 minute chapters along your journey.

To view recordings on the Sat Nav:

Press OK to stop recording

Press the second button down that looks like a PLAY button it will now show you the last chapter of recording.

To view previous recordings use the left arrow button next to the OK button this will take you back by 3 minute at a time you will see by the time change on the bottom of the screen.

When you have selected the chapter you want then press OK and it will play it.


More details instructions are available here.