Frequently Asked Questions about the RangeMaster products

After saving settings I get stuck on “Saving … Please wait a moment ….” or it times out.
This happens because the router restarts after the settings are saved and in the brief interval that its WiFi network isn’t visible your computer/tablet etc. may reconnect to another available WiFi network. If this happens just verify that you are still connected to the RANGEMASTER WiFi network and then go to again to check your connection.

We were told the range is 5km circumference ? Is this right?

Yes, this is under ideal conditions, ie. line of sight between the antenna and the router/access point you are connecting to. Obstacles in between will reduce this and it does depend on the performance of the equipment at the other end too.

What is the range for the router?

This will be comparable to the sort of router you have at home, typically around 50 metres in doors and 100 meters outdoors depending on how many obstacles the signal has to get through.

I think I was told that the unit would boost the signal strength? Is this true? Would it improve download speed?

It boosts the signal strength between the router and the access point you are connecting to which can improve download speed to a certain extent as less bandwidth will be wasted on error correction and automatic retries that would occur with a bad signal.

I have a subscription Wi-Fi on Caravan Club sites via AirAngel but each time you log in you have to use user: email address and password as set when registered. When I log in to the RangeMaster router it only asks for “Pass Phrase” can I link in via range master? If so how?

The way most of these type of hotspots work is that the Wi-Fi network you are connected to appears to be unsecured and you can connect it to without entering a password but it is only when you try to load a web page that it will ask you to log in.

With these sort of networks you don’t need to enter a pass phrase in the setup of the router at all and can just enter it in your web browser as you normally would.

We also have “Sky Hotspots” on our iPad and it links automatically when we are close, can I use these on rang master? If so how?

Sky Hotspots (or BT Openzone Wi-Fi) work in the same way as the question above, just set the router to connect to the network without a pass phrase then open your browser and visit a page and you will be asked to log in to the Sky or BT network.

When using the RangeMaster router the Sky or BT apps won’t be able to log you in automatically as it can only see that you are connected to the RANGEMASTER network and not to their own network.

Is there a way to lock RangeMaster from others or is it always open for other people to use?

Yes, see the instructions here.