Wi-Fi IP Camera Quick Setup

Initial Setup
  1. Connect the camera to your router or network using the included ethernet cable and connect the power.
  2. Download and install the PC software from http://p1.easyn.com
  3. Run “P2P Client”
  4. The default login is admin with no password (this will be pre-filled so just click OK)
  5. Click the config icon at the top. (third icon from the left)
  6. Click “Add Area”
  7. Enter a name, eg. Office and click OK
  8. Click “Add Device”
  9. Enter the UID which is the long string of letters and numbers printed on the silver sticker on the box or the camera.
  10. Enter a name, eg. Camera 1 and make sure the Area you entered in the previous step is selected. Click OK
  11. Select the Preview icon at the top. (first icon from the left)
  12. Double click the camera name in the list and you should see the camera in the window on the right hand side. If you get a firewall warning message from your operating system make sure you allow the connection.
  13. The camera is now working on the wired ethernet.
Setting the Wi-Fi up
  1. Click the config icon at the top.
  2. Click “Parameter settings” on the left
  3. Select the camera in the list
  4. Click the Wifi button on the lower right hand side
  5. Click the Search button
  6. When the search has completed select your router name (SSID) in the list and then enter your Wi-Fi key and click Apply.
  7. One you get the connection confirmation close the window.
  8. Now unplug the ethernet connection from the camera and power the camera off and back on*.
  9. Note that it may take up to a minute for the camera to initialise and connect to your Wi-Fi network once powered on.
  10. You can now run the software and connect to the camera in the same way as for the wired connection.
*It is important that the camera is powered off and back on again after configuring the Wi-Fi and disconnecting the ethernet cable.