Wireless GSM Habitation Alarm

Download the Quick Set Up Guide
Programming your numbers, changing the password and instructions for operating the alarm via text messages.

My alarm beeps all the time.
If the system is beeping every so often when armed check that your SIM has credit by calling the Vodafone top up line on 08700 77 88 99 and verify that it is working by putting the SIM card in a phone and making a call.  If it works then it is possible you are in an area without Vodafone coverage.

What if I want to use the system while abroad?
First call Vodafone customer services to make sure that international roaming is enabled on your SIM card and make sure you have programmed the numbers into the system in the full internation format eg. +4477112345678

I’m not getting any response to text messages
Check the SIM card is active and has credit as above and  that you are using the phone set as number 1 (the master number).

How can I reset the alarm back to the factory defaults?
To reset the panel back to the factory defaults: first, power off the alarm system, and then press and hold the “arm” button and power on the alarm system, and after you have heard three sounds from the main panel (after 15 seconds or so) release from the “arm” button. You will have to program it with your numbers again.

How do I know if the batteries in the sensors need replacing?
On the magnetic contact the bottom LED lights when the battery is low, on the PIR movement sensor there is a yellow LED that shows through the lens when the battery is low.

How do I change a zone name as reported in the text messages?
To change a zone name send a message in the format passwordDMzonenumber zone name, eg. to change the name for zone 1 to “Door” send 1234DM01 Door where 1234 is the password. Note that zone numbers must be provided in 2 digits, eg. 01 not 1.

How do I change the text “INPUT NEW LOCATION” in the text messages?
Send a message of the format 1234DM00 Name eg. 1234DM00 Caravan where 1234 is your password.
If you want to clear this message altogether send a command of 1234DM00_ where 1234 is your password.

Can you program the system for me?
No, the numbers need to be programmed from your master phone (the phone set as number 1).